Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Four Fabulous Ways to Rejuvenate and Prevent Teaching Burnout

As teachers, we face so many demands. We give it our all each and everyday, day in and day out. If you have been teaching for several years, it is quite possible that you have experienced some type of teacher burnout. Whether you simply had one day to fall apart, and you felt despair; or whether you experienced one of those years that you thought would never end, many of us have experienced some type of burnout. Now that the middle of the school year is here, many of us find ourselves facing possible burnout. Teacher burnout can be overcome, and better yet, it can potentially be avoided. Before we reach that point, let's look at some ways to help us prevent teacher burnout and renew that joy that we have for teaching. (Be sure to keep reading! There is a freebie at the end!)


1. Add some excitement and sparkle back into your lessons. If your routine has become predictable and monotonous, then perhaps it's time to change up the lesson plans just a bit. Complicated lesson plans and activities are not necessary for a little excitement in your lesson. Adding sparkle could be as simple as incorporating an exciting video segment into a lesson, using a fun PowerPoint lesson, or adding some seasonal art or activities into the day. Students can get excited about the simplest activities, and that excitement can certainly be contagious and exciting for us as well.

I have several grammar PowerPoint lessons in my store that are sure to add some sparkle to your lessons. These are a super easy way to incorporate sparkle in your lessons.
Combining art and grammar is a great way to add sparkle to a lesson, too. My students love my Seasonal Parts of Speech Quilts. These are a fun way to review grammar, provide some fun coloring, and decorate your walls all at the same time! My winter set is perfect for this time of the year!


2. Do something for yourself that is not related to school. Take a class (art, music, dance, etc.). Try something new and fun, or simply do something relaxing. Get a pedicure, a manicure, or find time to get the hair cut you've been putting off for months. (Am I the only one that can't seem to find time???) Starting a new hobby or craft can certainly be relaxing as well. I personally love crocheting. It is such a relaxing activity, and it can take my mind away from the stresses of work so that I can feel rejuvenated the next day! The point is to do something completely unrelated to school!


3. Volunteer. Volunteer at a local charity or church. Doing something for others can help lift one's spirits tremendously.


4. Change things up in your classroom, and spend some time reconnecting with your class. One way to reconnect is with some of the get-to-know you activities that are usually considered beginning of the year activities. Sometimes at the middle of the year, our classroom management system might need some minor adjustments. Our students can become complacent to the system that we have in place, so perhaps it is time to change things up just a bit.

If you have not started brag tags, this could be a great time to begin. Brag tags do not have to start at the beginning of the school year. Now would be a great time to begin, and your students are sure to love them! I offer a set of bee themed brag tags in my store that might be perfect to help your students "bee" their best!
This is also a great time to motivate your students and encourage them to do their best the last half of the year. One great way to do this is to use motivational posters. I have several varieties of motivational posters in my store, but these Winter Themed Motivational Posters would be a great addition to any classroom and are an easy way to redecorate your classroom for the winter months.  Classroom management is noted as one of the major causes of burnout. Creating a positive classroom environment will certainly go a long way in helping prevent teacher burnout.

For another fun motivational idea, use these letters to post in the room every time students are caught being good. The fun part comes when the class spells out Fun Friday. We usually celebrate with something fun. It can be something as simple as a game afternoon with partner games like tic tac toe or the connect the dots game, class games such as heads up seven up, puzzles or board games, a short video, popcorn, free time, etc. You can find these free in my store! Just click the image below.

Fun Friday Behavior Motivator

There are many ways to prevent teaching burnout. Although teaching is a stressful job, it is one of the most rewarding careers. Always keep at heart the lives that you are touching each and everyday. You are truly important, and if no one has told you lately, thank you for all that you do! You are truly special!

Have a bless day!

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