Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas in the Classroom

I love the Christmas season, and so do the students in my classroom. After our Thanksgiving break, we have three weeks until Christmas break. While we strive to continue to make the most of each instructional day, students still enjoy fun Christmas activities. I try to sneak in some fun activities to make these weeks enjoyable for the students.These are a few ways that I incorporate Christmas into my classroom.

Christmas Tree

My students were so excited to see the decorated Christmas tree on the first day back from Thanksgiving. A Christmas tree does not have to be very large or elaborately decorated, but my students love seeing a Christmas tree in their classroom. In fact, I used a tree from home that I decided to retire this year from my house decorations. The ornaments were from a theme that I had used in my home as well and decided not to use this year. I have a good teacher friend who has a large classroom closet. She stores her small tree completely decorated, and all she has to do is pull it out each year and set it on a table. How smart is that?

Christmas Art

Unfortunately art in the classroom often takes a backseat to all of the demands of the required curriculum. Having a daughter who is an artist at heart, I understand the need for art in schools. We, unfortunately, do not have an art teacher at our school, so I do try to include at least a few fun art activities throughout the school year, especially during holidays. Jenny, from Art with Jenny, has some wonderful and fun activities that are perfect for the Christmas season. This year, I chose this simple, but adorable Gingerbread Man Collaboration Door Poster, and I wish you could have heard the oohs and ahs from my students when I revealed the final product. They thought this was the best activity ever,  and they were so proud!

I also enjoy an art activity into my reading and language lessons whenever possible, and this Christmas Parts of Speech Quilt packet is a great way to do this! My students love doing these, and they are a fun way to review parts of speech and a great decoration for the holiday season as well.

Christmas Poster Decorations

I love decorating my classroom for Christmas, but finding the time and energy is sometimes a little challenging. These Christmas themed motivational posters are the perfect solution. All I had to do was print them out and hang them up. I thought they looked perfect around the Christmas tree. They are a simple way to decorate the room.

Christmas Books

One of my favorite ways to incorporate Christmas into the classroom is with the huge variety of picture books available. Even upper elementary students love reading picture books about Christmas. We partner read Christmas picture books, I use them for model lessons and strategies lessons, and we read them for the pure enjoyment. There are so many wonderful choices for Christmas books. My next blog post will feature several of my favorites.

Christmas Graphic Organizers

Christmas themed graphic organizers are not only perfect to use with Christmas books, but they are great to use with any book during the Christmas season. Students love using these, and they are a great way to sneak in a little fun while the students are thinking about and writing about their reading. This set is available in my store.
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