Wednesday, November 16, 2016

4 Fabulous Thanksgiving Themed Books for Upper Elementary Students

Four Fabulous Thanksgiving books that your upper elementary students will enjoy are also perfect for last minute lesson planning. (I mean, am I the only one who does last minute? Please tell me I'm not!) These books are perfect for read-alouds, partner reading, or small groups.

The Very First Thanksgiving

Although this is a very simply written book, The Very First Thanksgiving is an excellent book for upper elementary to introduce a lesson or a discussion on the first Thanksgiving. Students enjoy the rhyme and rhythm as well as the beautiful illustrations. I personally love sharing the author's note and illustrator's note at the beginning of the book with my students. This is a great choice for a read-aloud.

A Plump and Perky Turkey

This is simply a fun book that even upper elementary students love! The story is enjoyable, the rhyme and rhythm are musical, and the illustrations are adorable in this entertaining picture book. This story always brings a smile to my students' faces and is a perfect read-aloud for those days before Thanksgiving. It is also a great book to use as a before activity to introduce  a fun Thanksgiving art activity or a writing activity.

Milly and the Macy's Parade

This is a great example of historical fiction. This is a sweet fictional story of a little girl who inspired the Macy's Parade. Milly and her story are completely made-up, nevertheless, it is still a sweet read-aloud for your students. Also, Scholastic has some wonderful freebies to use with this book.

Molly's Pilgrim

This is probably my favorite Thanksgiving book to use in my classroom. Although the reading level is only 3rd grade, the message of this story makes it a wonderful choice to use with your upper elementary students. So many topics can be discussed, taught, and reviewed with this book: point of view, author's point of view, compare and contrast, character analysis, and inference. Even more important is the message that is prevalent in this story. Students will easily recognize the theme, "It takes all kinds of Pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving."

I have uploaded two free graphic organizers to my store just for you! These easy print and go graphic organizers will be a great activity for the last few days before Thanksgiving.  Click here to download your free graphic organizers to use with this book.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving items from my store:

You may also enjoy these quick and easy "Owl" About My Thanksgiving printables from my store. They are the perfect activity to do the last few days before Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Activities Poster
Your students will also enjoy these Thanksgiving Themed Graphic Organizers. Use them with Thanksgiving themed books or with any book or story to add some Thanksgiving fun to your November reading classroom.
Thanksgiving Graphic Organizers
My students are loving these Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Grammar Quilt! This is such a fun way to review grammar while sneaking in a little fun with coloring. They make a great hall or classroom  display.
Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Quilt
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

My New TpT Seller's Package

Is it just me, or is this time of year busy? I know we have been busy at my school with meetings, activities, getting ready for visitors, etc. Not only have I been busy at school, but I have also been busy adding some new products to my store, and  I just wanted to give you an opportunity to one of them. Countless hours were spent creating my new TpT Seller's Package, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. This was my first attempt at creating digital papers, and I must admit, I really enjoyed creating these. These digital papers are inspired by my border designs. Of course, borders in various shapes are included in this package, as well as colorful circles, headers, and banners. This is simply a great package for creating your TpT products, cover pages, etc. I would love to give one away to someone, so if you would like a chance to win, simply
1. Follow me on Instagram @teachingfourthwithkellyb
2. or Pin the image below and leave the link in my comments.
3. Leave comment below letting me know which one you chose along with your email address so that I can get in touch with you if you win.

Update: Winner of this bundle is Karyn! Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy this set!