Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Ways Bulletin Boards Can Work for You


When I first began teaching, I loved creating fun and pretty bulletin boards. Each month I created and decorated a brand new bulletin board just for that month. Back then, I was single with no children and had plenty of time on my hands. Now, fast forward 25 years, a husband, and two children later, and my views on bulletin boards have changed slightly. Instead of changing bulletin boards each month, why not set up a bulletin board that will work the entire school year and meet the needs of my students? Bulletin boards can be beneficial to your students and work for you in several ways.

1). Bulletin boards can display important daily information. Lower elementary teachers have utilized bulletin boards for daily information for years, but with the focus on objectives being visible in the classroom, upper elementary teachers have begun to use bulletin boards daily as well.  By displaying important information for the day on a specific bulletin board, students will know where to find this information each day. Daily information may include:
     a). Display objectives
     b). Focus walls for reading, math, or vocabulary
Check out my new objectives board!

2). Bulletin boards can be used as a teaching tool or used to remind students of material that has been taught throughout the year. I have often used a bulletin board to display concepts that the students will need the entire year such as parts of speech or character traits. Bulletin boards can also be set up to display anchor charts that can be changed as needed throughout the year.

3). Bulletin boards can be interactive. Use a bulletin board to display information about a topic that you are studying, information about an author, or current event articles. Include articles about the topic, maps, and/or charts. Then give students a scavenger hunt handout to locate information from articles on the bulletin board. This makes a wonderful station or center.


4). Maps.  To familiarize students with geography, display a map on a bulletin board and use the map when lining up, or between transitions. Have 2 students come to the map to be the first to locate on the map a town, state, or country that you call out. Use the map to locate places that you study, settings in books, or hometowns of authors. We have a maps on the wall next to our restrooms. When we take whole class restroom breaks,  my students who are waiting gather around the maps to locate places that we have discussed.  Another advantage: maps cover a large area very easily and very quickly! They are also usually very colorful.

5). Bulletin boards can be connection builders. Use bulletin boards to connect with students and send positive messages. This can be done several ways:
    a). Display students' birthdays.
    b). Use for student of the week.
    c). Display student work.
    d). Display motivational posters and sayings.
My Owl Themed Birthday Display can be found here:

There are so many possibilities with bulletin boards. Choose bulletin boards that will best meet the needs of your students for the entire year, and make those bulletin boards work for you.

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  1. These bulletin boards are still so cute! I think the general trend in education is going away from brand new "cute" boards each month to more student focused/ longer lasting boards. I love how you made your boards functional and attractive!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like these!

  2. I used to be the same way with BBs when I first started teaching 19 years ago, and even though I'm still single with no kids, I'm TIRED. I don't have the ambition or energy to change my BBs every month or so. I like static BBs with concrete info that the kids can refer to all year long, or boards that stay the same (same paper, border) and just hang their work up. I think your boards look adorable!!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  3. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a few last minute owl ideas, and I wish I had found you earlier! I'm almost done with my room this year, but I'm definitely going to have to remember your designs for next year. LOVE them! I'm a fourth grade teacher from Alabama, too. :o)