Friday, April 11, 2014

Owl About My Spring Break, Cinquain Poems, and a Winner!

I am so tired, and so thankful that today is Friday! When my husband and I first married, I had been teaching for a couple of years.  My husband had earned his teaching degree, but had not yet found a teaching job.  He was working at a feed store until he could find a teaching job, so all day, he lifted feedbags, loaded feedbags, and did a lot of physical work. I would come home exhausted from a busy day of teaching.  My hubby would say, "Why are you so tired?"  He never said it, but he always implied that he did more work at his job than I did; therefore, I should not be tired.  I would simply say, "Just wait."  The next school year, he got his first teaching job.  Each day, he came home...tired!  (hee, hee, hee!)  I just giggled (and still do).  He finally understood!

Even though I'm tired, I'm ready and excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday to share a few things from my week!

We came back from spring break this week, and my students wrote all about their week using my Owl About My Spring Break writing pages.  They loved these, and they enjoyed getting to share about their week! It was interesting to learn some new things about my kiddos! You'll find these for sale at my TpT store.  

My students wrote Cinquain poems this week, and they were so creative! I just loved the variety of topics.  Students wrote about everything from pigs to rainbows to Elvis!  First, we watched this video of some awesome cinquains written by children. 
Then my students got creative! Look as these fabulous poems!
I have also uploaded a new set of borders.  This set is a colored borders set that contains 15 different colors.  They are perfect for product covers, task cards, center activities, etc.  Be sure to check these out at my store.  (Just click on the pic below.)
Colorful Circle Borders
Finally, the winner of my Borders Set # 3 is Angela N.! Congratulations! My daughter picked #14. 
Be blessed!

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