Saturday, March 1, 2014

Teaching Reading and March Currently

My school system began using the McGraw/Hill reading series this year.  If your school uses this reading series, then you need to take a look at Mariela Santillana's TpT store! She has some fantastic packets that are the perfect addition to support this reading series.  Mariela's Guided Reading Packets for 3rd grade are amazing!  They are perfect to use in small groups, whole group, or for close reading.
Wonders 3rd Grade - Guided Reading Groups - UNIT 2
Mariela also has these terrific Tri-Folds to use with the main story each week! This is a great way for students to comprehend the text. 

McGraw Hill Wonders Comprehension Tri-Folds 3rd Grade UNIT 4
If you use this reading series, I highly recommend that you visit Mariela's store!  Even if you don't use this reading series, she has many other fabulous teaching packets.  Also, please check out her adorable new blog:
I have also created a unit to go with the short reads in Unit 5 of 4th grade.   These pages are very versatile and easy to use.

McGraw Hill Unit 5 Grade 4 Comprehension Sheets to Support
Finally, I'm also am linking up with Farley today for her Currently.
Can you guess the question that goes with the answer to the last?????????????  It is fairly obvious...
These are all types of dogs that I have owned and loved!
Be blessed!


  1. I own a Jack Russell. He's an irish Jack Russell so he's black and brown. Super cute! I also WISH we had warm weather right now. It's been a rough winter. Love your blog!

    The Elementary Life

  2. Man am I behind on washing clothes too! I need to hop to it!

    Countdown to spring is like 2.5 weeks right? I am pumped.

    What type of dog do you have now? I am considering becoming a dog owner, but there are sooo many to chose from...I have no idea where to start!!!

    1. We now have a Westie. She is super sweet. My favorite dogs were the Jack Russells (now called Parson Terriers). They have super fun personalities, but they need a large area outside for their amazing amount of energy.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my product! We use to have a little doggy, but my little one turned out allergic :( now no pets!!