Border Winner and Winter Weather

First of all, congratulations to my border winner, Deb Hanson!  She has won my Borders By Kelly Set #2 and my Heart Shaped Borders Sets!

Now, can you say "Snow Days?" To be exact 4 snow days this week! If you don't know, I live in the south where we don't always see a snow every winter.  In fact, when it does snow, or even when there is a threat of snow, we have been know to cancel schools.  I know that is hard for some to imagine, but we don't have the equipment to clear roads, and when we have snow, we also have a problem with ice on the roads.  This winter we have had an unusual amount of snow!  A couple of weeks ago, we had a surprise snow that crippled interstates in my state and trapped people in their vehicles.  The problem was the ice that created dangerous situations on the roads. Fortunately, we did not have those type of problems where I live: just a pretty snow.
This past week, we had what I consider the prettiest snow I have ever seen.  We had 5 1/2 inches of snow!  (Now, that is my unofficial measurement.)  It has been 20 years since we have had a snow like this!  It was an absolutely beautiful winter wonderland!  The wonderful thing about this snow was that it warmed up the next day, and we were able to go outside and enjoy it!  We actually went outside the night it was snowing, and my daughter even built a snowman (snowcat) that night! 
The snow coated everything.  It was so pretty! I couldn't wait to take pictures.
My dad was like a big kid playing with my girls in the snow! They went all around the neighborhood on the "sled."  We didn't have a sled, so my daddy used an old car hood and tied it to the back of the Gator to pull the girls around.   They had so much fun!
My hubby even had fun building a snowcow!
Now after all of the fun, it is time to get back to school next week! 
Be blessed!