Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday, and a Winner!

Today, I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday!

1. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments left about the "Owl Friends Context Clues Cards!" We used these cards this week, and my students were amazing! They listened and followed instructions perfectly!

2. I thought I'd share how I play "Scoot" with these cards.  I have actually played a couple of different ways. 
  • I had my students to stand beside their desks.  I gave each student a card to place on the desk, and I explained that the card would stay on the desk. (They would not pick them up.) 
  • To save copies, I simply had them to number their papers 1-20.  (I have 20 students in my class, so I chose to only use 20 of the cards). 
  • I explained that they would read the card and write the correct answer on their papers.  I reminded the students to look at the number on the card and write the answer next to the appropriate number on the paper.  I also told them when it was time to move, only take the paper an pencil with them.  Leave the card.
  • I showed each group the direction to travel when I said it was time.  I explained that when each person reached the last desk, he/she would have to come back around to the first desk.
  • I also asked them to turn and face the front of the room when they were finished writing the answer.
  • "Begin!"
  • When most students were facing the front, I simply counted, "Three, two, one, move!" The students moved to the next desk and began working.  When most students were facing the front, I began the countdown again.  We continued this around the room until everyone had completed all cards.
My students listened so well to instructions, and you could have heard a pin drop with both classes while they worked! I have an exceptionally great group of kids this year.  I have played this before by simply passing the cards around the room.  It worked the same way, except the students stayed seated in their desks, and I explained to each group the direction to pass their cards.  When I counted, "Three, two, one, pass,"  the students simply passed the cards.  This worked well with my extremely talkative class last year.


3.  Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment this week about the cards.  The winner of the set of cards is:

Amanda from This Mom's Happy Life!
I had my daughter pick a number, and she chose #12!  Congratulations, Amanda! I hope you enjoy the Context Clues Cards!

4.  I wanted to share something else that the students completed: shutter books.  We read an article about pink dolphins, and the students competed these awesome shutter books.  Two of these flipbooks actually came from my teaching buddy's class.  She has some extremely talented students.  I thought they were beautiful!

On the inside, my students wrote about interesting facts they learned about pink dolphins, listed unusual facts about these dolphins, and found and wrote about cause and effect situations that they read about in the article.

5.  We have not had any snow where I live, but we have definitely had some very cold weather!  To usher in this cold weather, my students created these adorable snowmen that surround this bulletin board.  They were inspired by this pin.  The students then wrote an opinion paper about The Perfect Snowman. The opinion writing idea actually came from a unit that I purchased from Hope King


  1. Love the scoot idea with the task cards. I used context clue and text structure task cards this week with my4th graders, but was giving them a new one each day and walking around to grade them as they were done. I love your idea, this would be a great thing to do at the end of the week as a review. Thanks for sharing!

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  2. The scoot task cards look great!! I LOVE the snowmen!
    First Grade Funtastic