Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snowman Art

I have missed ya'll!  Sorry that I have been away for so long.  I have my parents moved into their new home.  It has been a very busy and tiring month.

I finally had a chance to sit down and blog this morning.  Our school system had a delay because of the threat of severe weather.  Thankfully, in our area, I have not heard of any damage.

Like you, we have been so busy in our classroom.  It is always amazing to me how much fourth graders have matured by the second semester.  I have a sweet bunch of kids, and I am really enjoying them this year. 

For some fun January art, we made snowman art.  You may have seen the pin on Pinterest that was our inspiration. 

Pinned Image

I'm sorry, but the link to this picture is no longer available, but I wanted to credit Mrs. Jackson's Art Room for her inspiration.  She actually used paints for her students' creations.  We simply used crayons, and I think our results are super.  Take a look.

This art was super easy. (Even for a class that is challenged with art.  Many of my students do not have a great interest in art, but this was simple and turned out great!)  We gave each student 1/2 a piece of paper.  The students folded the paper in half and then folded in half again to make 4 sections.  We told the students to draw a snowman in the center and color.  Then they colored the four sections in bright colors leaving white circles for snow falling.  Easy and cute!

Be blessed!