Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Visualizing, Posters, Buttons, and TpT!

  Over the years I have collected many resource books.  Some I have used very little, but some I have worn out.  I wanted to share one resource book that is looking very worn because it is one of my favorite resource books of all times:  Using Picture Books to Teach Comprehension Strategies.

Using Picture Books to Teach Comprehension Strategies: 30 Lessons That Teach Students the Six Comprehension Strategies They Need to Actively Engage With Text and Read for Meaning

I love teaching with picture books, and this book has some wonderful ideas, lesson, and book lists for teaching comprehension strategies.  To help my students with visualization, I shared the introduction in 13 Moons on a Turtle's Back with my class.  I then gave each of my students a copy of one of the poems in the book.    Each student then created drawings of the season described in his/her poem.  We then attached these poems to an anchor chart. 

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I can quickly identify students who visualized well as they read, and I can also identify students who are struggling with visualization.  This is just one of the many wonderful lessons in this book. 

I am also excited about my new item that I have to offer on TpT.  Click here to see.
This packet includes 10 fall themed inspirational posters, 12 styles of buttons in 2 different sizes, and 1 PowerPoint of the inspirational posters. 

Use the fall posters to decorate your classroom as well as motivate your students.

I designed the buttons to use as incentives for excellent behavior.  As students demonstrate excellent behavior, allow them to earn buttons as rewards.  Students can collect buttons to place on backpacks or binders.  Use D clips or hinged rings to attach buttons to backpacks and binders.

Also,  after collecting several buttons, you can allow students to trade in the buttons for larger prizes and rewards.  The PowerPoint includes 11 slides that advance and loop automatically.  Use this PowerPoint in the mornings as students arrive at school, at the end of the day, or during transition times as a reminder of positive behavior.

If you would like to receive these colorful fall posters, buttons, and PowerPoint for FREE, be the first to leave a comment and your email address, and I will send you a copy of this entire packet!  Also, if there is a blogger who would be interested in receiving a copy of Fall Motivational Posters, Buttons, and PowerPoint packet for free in exchange for blogging and reviewing it,  please send me an email. 

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  1. I would love to use your packet in my classroom. The posters are amazing! My address is buchanan a@flaglerschools.com.
    I follow you by email and love your blog!!

    1. I forgot to say what a great idea for the buttons. My kids would love to hang those on their backpacks The address is buchanana@flaglerschools.com No space like it shows in the other post.

  2. Love this!! I am teaching mental images/visualizing to my fourth graders right now!! Can't wait to try this out:)

  3. I LOVE your turtle idea!
    We did a visualizing activity where I read them a story without showing them the illustrations, so they had to create a "movie in their mind." Then they illustrated the beginning, middle, and end (for a little extra sequencing practice - who doesn't love that?!?) on camera lens cut-outs. Then when they stapled the three lenses together, we attached them to a "camera." So when it all together, it looked like a camera and the lens could be folded back to show the beginning, middle, and the end of the story.