Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Final Classroom Reveal

I wanted to take you on a final tour of my classroom. I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin's "Where I Teach Wednesday".   Before I take you on a tour, I'd like to ask you not to be too critical of my desks in rows.  I know.  If I had my dream room, I would have the flat desks and chair combination, and I would love to arrange them in groups, but I have the old fashioned type of desks.  Unfortunately, these desks do not work to put into groups because of the slant of the desktop.  Students inevitably lean forward and these desks tend to topple over.  It is impossible to place them side-by-side because students can't get in or out. Therefore, my straight rows.  Instead of groups, I do I lot of partner work.  Hopefully, someday, I might have my dream desks.  Now on to the classroom tour!

Here is a view of my classroom as you enter my room.  (The big tin box is our air conditioner/heater.)  My students love the owls.

In the front of the room I have my Smart Board.  I hung the bright orange curtains that I made  over my closet and over the windows into the hallway.

Over my white board I have some of my favorite sayings.  I hung my behavior clip chart on the closet where it is easily accessible.  

From this angle you can see the shelves that I painted.  I have the picture books that I use to teach reading strategies and writing strategies organized here in bins. 

Here is a closer view of some of my bins.  I actually know where all of my books are in my room!

From this angle, you can see the classroom library on the left.  The student computers are covered with fabric.  I like to do that at the end of the day to help keep off dust.

Here is a closer view of my book bins.

This is the bulletin board at the front of the room.  I plan on placing my lesson objectives here.

This is my small group table. 

I have hung my owl hall behavior poster on my door.
We started to school Monday, and I must say that it has been a wonderful first few days!  This hall poster has worked wonders!  I can already say, "Let me see your 'hall' behavior,"  and the students put their hands by their sides, look forward, and are quiet!  It is amazing!  (Will it last all year???  Maybe!)
Click here for the link to my hall poster.

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  1. Your room is so bright and cheery! Love the color combinations and your adorable owls. I was surprised to see your must be tough.

    Happy School Year!

  2. Your room is adorable...I love owls!!!

    Life's A Beach in 1st Grade

  3. Your room looks amazing (even from desks from the 70s). It is funny that you still have such old desks, yet you have a projector hanging frim the ceiling. Did I see that correctly? Funny :)

  4. Your class looks great! I Iike the old school desks. You could try to change the rows into a V shape to change it up.

  5. Thank you for the sweet compliments! Our school system has no money to purchase furniture. I was blessed to purchase my projector, Smart Board, and clickers with money I received for my classroom from my state when I earned my National Board. We are blessed to have opportunities to earn instructional supplies through some wonderful local grants, so we have many opportunities to get what we need to teach. We just have to live with the furniture that we have, or beg and borrow. (I've done a lot of that too!) :)

  6. Kelly,
    Your room is completely adorable! You know I love owls, of course, but your color choices are so cute and invigorating. I keep threatening to paint my ceiling tiles, too, so I love it that you did! I will definitely be linking up for your Wednesday and Friday parties. See you in blogland...

  7. This classroom is amazing. I am moving into a new room this summer, so I'm searching for ideas. Your blog post caught my eye on Pinterest. There are so many clever, colorful ideas here. Thanks for sharing!