Saturday, August 11, 2012

Motivational Owl Posters and Read Around the Room

My vacation is officially over because Monday begins our teacher work week back at school.  We will have workdays, meetings, in-service, open house, etc.  It will be a busy and tiring week, but I hope to get a lot accomplished.  I am especially looking forward to spending some time with my sweet coworkers.  

One thing that I have been working on is a set of posters to match my owl theme.  I have several different sayings that I think are meaningful.  I often use these saying as a teaching tool to discuss behavior, good attitudes, making right choices, and developing excellent character. I have even used these sayings in the mornings for "Read Around the Room."  This is not an original idea.  I borrowed it a few years ago, but I don't remember where I saw it or found it, so if it is yours, thank you.  Every morning after announcements and a moment of silence, I simply lead the students in reading all of the sayings around the room.  It's that simple.  I began this when we were being encouraged to incorporate choral reading into our lessons.  I also like that it reinforced positive behavior and expectations in my classroom.
You can see some of the motivational expressions in this picture.

I have created a set of owl themed posters with motivational expressions.  This is my first item being offered for sale on my TPT store.  As a bonus, I also included my hallway behavior poster with this set.

To celebrate 35 followers, I am offering one poster, for a limited time, for free. 

You can find all of this at my teachers pay teachers store.  Just click the appropriate link below.  I just ask that if you download my free poster, please follow my blog, comment below, and rate the poster at the Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Thanks so much!!



  1. Thanks for offering the free poster! I downloaded it and rated it!
    New follower too.

    Shar W

    1. You are so welcome! Enjoy! Thanks for commenting and following! :)

  2. I just bought your poster set! I love them all!

    Teaching with Moxie

    1. Oh!! I'm so excited! You are my first sale! I do hope you enjoy them!!

  3. Your room (and your blog) are so super cute!!! I love the owl theme & those lanterns are absolutely precious !! I just found your blog & am your newest follower.I'd love for you to stop by sometime :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I am excited for my new class to see their room!