Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Behavior Cards Freebie

One management tool that my colleagues and I use in our classrooms is the behavior card. 

Cick above to download the behavior card for free!

In the past we have simply used an index card taped to each child's desk.  We have each student to list his/her name at the top and the date of the week (usually that Friday's date).  If, during the week, the student breaks a rule, we have that student to write his/her behavior and consequence on the card.  If  the student has not had to write anything on the card, then I either put a smiley face, a sticker, or a brief note congratulating the child on their good behavior.  This behavior management tool has worked great for us in the past.

This year, I have made behavior cards to match my cute owl-themed behavior chart.

Click here for the link to a free download.

One of the classroom jobs will be for two students to go around at the end of the day and help me mark each child's card to show where he/she ended their behavior that day. Students will also have a place to write and explanation of their bad behavior and consequence or even of their good behavior. The cards will be sent home on Friday and returned signed on Monday. 

I have found the behavior cards to be a great communication tool for school and home.  I let parents know at the beginning of the school year to expect behavior cards to be sent home each Friday and to please sign and return them on Monday.

I believe adding the behavior chart to my behavior card management routine will be a great success.  Both will be very beneficial to our visual and tactile learners.

If you would like a copy of my behavior cards, here is a link for a free download.  If you like this chart and  cards, please consider joining my blog.  I hope you enjoy and can use these free behavior management tools!

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