Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mitten Art

I love art doing art projects with my class, and although we don't have an art teacher or a set time to do art, sometimes I just have to take some time out to let the kiddos enjoy making and creating. That is exactly what we did with this mitten art. I usually borrow my art ideas, and this idea I borrowed from Pinterest. You can find it here.

This project was very easy (which is exactly what I like), and the only supplies needed are construction paper, crayons, a mitten pattern (that I drew and copied), and a snowflake cutout for each student. The students simply traced the mitten pattern onto the blue construction paper. Then they outlined the mittens in white and filled in the mitten with a variety of shapes and patterns. We added a little glitter to the snowflake cutouts before the students glued them onto the mittens.
I love the creativity that the students had with the designs they drew! One key to this project is to press down when coloring and fill in completely.
This was a fun project that my students loved.
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What We're Reading Wednesday- Read Aloud with Anchor Chart

It's hump day, and to add some fun to each Wednesday, I am beginning a new series called, "What We're Reading Wednesday." I am so excited about this new series! Hopefully, this will help keep me focused and blogging more.  Each Wednesday, I plan to post and share something that we are reading. It could be fiction, nonfiction, chapter books, articles, history, science, math, anchor charts, PowerPoint, TpT products, and more

This week we are reading one of my favorite read alouds ever...


I have read this book by Avi to my students for several years. The first time I read this book, I fell in love! Of course, I enjoy the story of Poppy and how she is a heroine that saves her family from the evil Mr. Ocax, but I also love the complexity of the sentences and how the author's words and sentences flow on each page. This is a fabulous book that captures my students' attentions every year and draws them into this complex story. Students love this book!
One of my favorite things about read aloud time is that it is a time to simply enjoy a book. Occasionally, we do discuss some aspects of a read aloud, and I find some teaching moments. Poppy is filled with fabulous vocabulary. I like to post some of the vocabulary along with sentences from the book onto anchor charts to use with morning work activities. My students love to find these words in books that they are reading independently. In fact, just after we worked with these words, I had a student to find "hesitated" in their own reading. (They get so excited when they find vocabulary.)
Another anchor chart that I love to create with read alouds would be a similes chart. Poppy is not filled with similes, but there are several wonderful examples. Students love to find similes, and it seems that the more we talk about them and chart them, the more that they are able to find in their own reading, and in turn, the more they begin to use in their own writings.
Poppy is definitely a book that I highly recommend! It is What We're Reading this week! What are you reading? I'd love to know!
Have a blessed Wednesday!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winner! Border Hoarders Club, January and Introducing Border Hoarders Club, February!

Congratulations to Markisha! You are the winner!
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Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Day Sale

All of us at Upper Elementary Snapshots would like to wish you a "Happy New Year!" On January 1st only, all of our stores will be on sale! Visit each Teachers Pay Teachers store through the links below, purchase, and save!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Enter to Win!!! Border Hoarders Club

I certainly hope you are enjoying your winter vacation! I know my family and I have been enjoying ours. I have loved relaxing and spending time with family. I have also enjoyed, yes I think I can say enjoyed, having time to clean my house and catch up on laundry. I'm still working on it, but I do feel much better about my house, and I see the pile of laundry slowly going down! Yay!

I know you are not wanting to think about sch _ _ _ just yet.  I can't even bring myself to type it out, but if you are a TpTer, you may be like me and using every moment that you can to create some new products. I have been working feverishly on my January Writing Packet and my January Border Hoarders Club! I can't wait for you to see the results!

To celebrate the New Year and these new products, I am giving away one membership to my January Border Hoarders Club! You will receive, through email, one of each of the 4 surprise sets that will be included in this fun club! To enter
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Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas!

This time of year can be so busy! If you are like my family, you have probably already had at least a couple of Christmas get-togethers, parties, etc. This past weekend we went to my in-laws for their family Christmas. We had a wonderful time seeing family members that we have not seen in way too long. Here is a picture of my husband, my girls, and me.
Yesterday, we spent the day in town looking for my hubbie a recliner for his Christmas gift. I wanted to pick one out to surprise him, but I knew it would be too hard to find just the right fit without letting him sit in it first. I was right. I would have totally picked out the wrong one. I would have gone for pretty, but of course, he wanted comfort.  I think we found a nice compromise. While we were out shopping, we also found the Abominable Snowman! We had to take time to take some fun pics.

 Can you tell which girl is the clown?
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy your days off from school, rest, and enjoy your family and friends. Winter break can be so rejuvenating for teachers. It definitely gives us a needed break!
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Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Trees Art and Christmas Activity

At my school, this is the last week before Christmas vacation! Yay! I'm ready for a couple of weeks off with my family, but before vacation begins, we still have a few days left. Now the question is, "What do I do with these kiddos who are even more ready to be out than I am?"

This week I have some enjoyable activities planned. We are reading Christmas themed books, using some fun task cards, completing some fun art and writing activities. For example, one fun art activity that we did was this easy tree art activity.  Students simply traced 5 or 6 Christmas trees on a piece of paper. I used the die cut machine to cut out a tree shape for each student. They turned the trees all different directions.

Next, the students outline and colored each Christmas tree with decorations.
Finally, they filled in the background with lines or designs. 
This was a quick and easy activity that the students really enjoyed. Also, very few supplies are needed: paper, pencil, crayons, and a die cut Christmas tree. I think they look bright and colorful on the bulletin board.
Another fun activity that we will complete this week is my Owl About My Christmas handout from my Owl About My Christmas Packet. You can find a copy in my TpT store.  If you need an easy activity that your students will enjoy completing and sharing, this is it.  Simply print and complete. Students will enjoy writing about their Christmas memories and favorite traditions, and you will love how adorable these turn out!
Your students will love writing about their Christmas trees, traditions, and memories!


I hope you have a very blessed week!